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3 days of scanning – 1 person,
14 days of post-processing


Registered point cloud Medium-detail 3D model

The oldest brewery in Lithuania, boasts a unique and exclusive connection to the aristocracy, setting it apart from other breweries in the country. Its old cellars, dating back to the era of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, have been designated as a cultural heritage site, further solidifying its historical significance.Scholars confirm that the Brewery with such distinguished historical links to the aristocracy, adding to its exceptional status in the industry.

To interact with the window on this site, which integrates Potree, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "menu" button located within the window.
2. This will bring up a settings menu where you can adjust various settings in real time.
3. Use the options provided in the menu to change the appearance or behavior of the Potree window as desired.
4. Explore the window by clicking and dragging with your mouse or touchpad, or using the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
5. Enjoy the interactive experience and use it to explore 3D models or visualizations as you desire.


3D Model parameters: ● Level of detailing - level 2 ● Interior and exterior modeled ● Software used: Autodesk AutoCad

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