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Sigulda, Latvia


3 days of scanning – 1 person 14 days of post-processing


Registered point cloud
Medium-detail 3D model

SIGULDA NEW CASTLE was built in 1878 in the Neo-Gothic style as the living house for the owners of the manor the Kropotkin family. The building has changed its owners and functions several times. During World War II, the New Castle was used as a headquarters for the Nord division of the German army. After the war, the USSR Council of Ministers made it a recreation house for high state officials. In 1953, the Health Department of the Latvian SSR established the Sigulda rehabilitation center which was in operation until the restoration of Latvian independence. Since 1993, the Sigulda Region Council has been located in the castle.


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3D Model parameters
● Level of detailing - level 2 ● Exterior modeled ● Software used: Autodesk AutoCad


The 3D tour tool, in combination with 3D scanners, provides a user-friendly and immersive experience, enabling remote exploration and navigation of spaces. The tool generates a precise depiction of the area, resulting in an authentic and interactive environment, making it suitable for real estate, tourism, and hospitality industries.


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