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CALL US +371 23 880088


OUR PRICING for each project is customized based on the number of individual scans needed to cover the scope of work. To provide an accurate quote, we request a marked up drawing or diagram that highlights the extent of the scope. For external topographic surveys, an OS or similar plan is preferred. This helps us determine whether the project can be scanned terrestrially or using aerial technology. For internal scans, we need to know the number of floors/levels (including roofs) involved. Historic floor plans and supporting photos are helpful in refining your quote.
Additionally, it's important to consider whether the point cloud should be delivered in RGB (True Colors) or Black and White Intensity, as this affects how the data is captured in the field and can't always be changed later. For 2D/3D CAD and BIM products, we require information about the accuracy and level of detail (LOD) needed for each product. Being specific here allows us to provide a tailored quote that meets your exact requirements. It's important to note that not all areas of a site may require the same level of detail, and we can adjust the specifications to reduce both cost and timeframes.
We offer our own file sharing service where you can easily upload all the files related to your project. If you need to send us a large amount of data, please let us know via this contact form, and we'll provide you with a login and password to your own account on our file drive. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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