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Roquette Amilina, Panevėžys 🇱🇹


2 days of scanning – 1 person, 14 days office work – 3 people


Geometry for AVEVA PDMS, High-detail 3D model, registered point cloud (200 scans), deformation analysis

ROQUETTE AMILINA, is at the forefront of plant-based ingredient production and has been instrumental in developing novel vegetable protein sources. The company endeavors to tackle present and future societal issues by harnessing the power of nature to provide superior ingredients for the Food, Nutrition, and Health sectors. Each of Roquette's ingredients addresses specific and vital requirements and promotes healthier lifestyles. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and long-term planning, the company strives to improve the well-being of millions of people worldwide, while also caring for resources and territories. Roquette operates in more than 100 countries and generates a turnover of approximately 3.5 billion euros, employing 8,600 individuals globally.

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The 3D modeling work carried out outside and inside the building involves creating digital representations of both the exterior and interior of a physical structure. This involves the use of specialized software to generate detailed models that accurately capture the physical characteristics of the building, including its shape, size, and design.

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