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2 days of scanning – 1 person, 14 days office work – 3 people


Geometry for AVEVA PDMS, High-detail 3D model, registered point cloud (200 scans), deformation analysis

3D scanning technology has revolutionized the way architects and engineers approach large-scale projects, such as city planning and development. With the ability to capture and analyze detailed spatial data, 3D scanning has become an essential tool for accurately measuring and modeling entire cities.
By using 3D scanners, architects and engineers can create comprehensive 3D models of city landscapes, buildings, and infrastructure. This technology allows for precise measurement and analysis of a city's features, enabling design professionals to develop better-informed plans for city growth, redevelopment, and improvement.
Additionally, 3D scanning can assist in identifying potential issues in a city's infrastructure, such as outdated or damaged buildings, and help inform decisions around how to address them. The technology can also be used for historical preservation, enabling architects and engineers to capture and preserve important architectural and cultural landmarks.


To view all levels, you need to enable all layers in Potree (check the box next to all layers in the "Objects" section)

3D ENGINEERING specialize in providing 3D scanning services for city planning and development. Our team of experienced professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment to capture accurate spatial data and transform it into detailed 3D models. We work closely with our clients to ensure their specific needs are met, and to help them make informed decisions that benefit the communities they serve.

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