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2 days of scanning – 1 person, 14 days office work – 3 people


Geometry for AVEVA PDMS, High-detail 3D model, registered point cloud (200 scans), deformation analysis

3D laser scanning is a powerful technology that has revolutionized the way offshore industries operate. By using high-precision laser scanners, it is now possible to capture detailed 3D measurements of offshore assets, including rigs, platforms, vessels, and subsea equipment, with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This technology allows engineers and operators to create highly accurate 3D models of these assets, which can be used for a wide range of applications.


To view all levels, you need to enable all layers in Potree (check the box next to all layers in the "Objects" section)

One of the main advantages of 3D laser scanning is its ability to facilitate the replacement of parts. When a component needs to be replaced, it can be difficult to get an exact replacement part, especially if the part is no longer manufactured. With 3D laser scanning, it is possible to create a highly accurate 3D model of the part, which can then be used to manufacture a replacement. This eliminates the need to rely on old or incompatible parts, and ensures that the replacement is a perfect match for the original.

Accepting all challenges, we find a unique approach to businesses operating in all industries. We never stop improving our goods and services to achieve the highest resultsIn addition to parts replacement, 3D laser scanning can also be used to improve the overall efficiency of offshore operations. By creating detailed 3D models of offshore assets, engineers can identify potential issues and make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. This can help to reduce downtime, improve safety, and optimize the performance of offshore assets.

Overall, 3D laser scanning is a powerful tool that has transformed the offshore industry. By capturing highly accurate 3D measurements of assets, it enables engineers and operators to make better-informed decisions and to carry out operations more efficiently and effectively. If you are involved in offshore operations, consider incorporating 3D laser scanning into your workflow to take advantage of these benefits.

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