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PROPERTY development refers to the process of purchasing land or an existing building and improving it for sale, lease, or use. The development process typically involves a series of steps, including site selection, feasibility studies, design and planning, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, construction, and marketing the property to potential buyers or renters. Property development can involve a variety of property types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use properties. It can also include renovations, refurbishments, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings.


⦿ Data Drawdown

Relevant products can be extracted from the scan data through the course of a project, or as funds become available without the need for costly revisits to the site. E.g. basic planning elevations can be enhanced to full architectural detail once planning is granted.

⦿ Multiple Products

Single scan datasets can be utilised to create a variety individual products. The same data set could produce both 2D elevation drawing, a 3D topographical survey or DTM.

⦿ Time and cost savings

Efficiencies gained by less time on site. Multiple production staff can access the dataset concurrently shortening project timeframes.

⦿ Complexity

Full capture of geometry for complex and organic shapes.

⦿ Ease of Sharing

Data can be easily shared and reviewed by all stakeholders

⦿ Access

Data can be captured remotely, safely and non-intrusively.

⦿ Perfection

Lower risk of design error



We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! As a company with 9 years of experience in the 3D scanning market and over 1000 successful projects worldwide, we are thrilled to have this platform to showcase our work. We are gradually adding our projects to the website, so please stay tuned for more updates.

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