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Barge Pipes, Tallin


Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia


Skanner Z+F, Leica TCRA 1101


2 days of scanning – 1 person, 14 days office work – 3 people


Geometry for AVEVA PDMS, High-detail 3D model, registered point cloud (200 scans), deformation analysis

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Barge Pipes, Tallin

We completed a 3D laser scanning on a platform in the North Sea. The subject of the measurement was the Blow Out Preventer (BOP). The client had in plans to replace some installations, therefore he ordered 3D laser scanning and modeling based on the point cloud in the most accurate and detailed way possible. The file was delivered in the AVEVA PDMS format – geometry without attributes and in the DGN format.

The measurement was made in two stages. First, when the BOP was divided into two parts and the second, where both parts were folded. The surveying conditions were difficult because the platform was in constant movement.

In addition to the 3D modeling, the analysis of the deformation were made. The analyses concerned the elements of the lower part of the BOP, which was expected to defect under loading. Although the laser scanning was performed with a medium range scanner with an accuracy of 2mm on a scan, we noticed some interesting deformations.